Let’s get back in the game

15 05 2010

So I did a little math and I realized that it has taken me about 3 months, or 86 days to lose my latest 15 pounds. That is about 0.17 pounds a day… I should be trying to lose 2 pounds a week so I should have lost about 24 pounds over that time period instead of my 15… 10 more pounds than I actually lost. I can’t believe it has taken me THIS long to lose that weight. I started out strong with my weight loss and I seem to have slacked off a bit… this cannot go on.

I have been alright with my diet but my exercise has slacked off despite the fact that I run about 2 miles 3 times a week. In order for me to get back in the game I need to:

1. Count my calories again and stick to healthy foods.

2. Go to the gym and cross-train 3 times a week on top of running my 2 miles 3 times a week.

Now, its all pretty written down in this plan but the hard part is finding the drive and motivation to stick to it. I am going to update every time I go to the gym and run so I can keep a schedule and count of making sure I do this. I hope someone actually reads this and if I skip a day you can bug me about it. But really this is my responsibility its all me.

I don’t want to wind up living in my parents’ basement for the rest of my life… like some creepy old comic book nerd. Really, its not attractive.




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15 05 2010

Hey babe! Keep up the good work! I lost a lot of weight with sports and weight training in high school and the hardest part is when you hit that stagnant point. You work hard and lose weight and feel good and then reach the point where doing the same amount of work isn’t producing the same results. Just remember rest and water are essential. I’m sure you know this and have done your research but nevertheless I’ve got your back! I’m coming to Muncie next week for the summer so if you need a running buddy or someone to help keep you accountable I’m there! Your work ethic astounds me! Keep it up!

15 05 2010

The best thing right now is to keep on top of me (hey-o) and make sure I keep up the work!

16 05 2010
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