Running Victory

16 05 2010

So I just finished week 5 on the couch to 5k running plan (See Couch to 5k page). I ran 2 miles today with no walking, this is a first. I have never in my entire life ran an entire 2 miles without stopping to walk once. Well I did it. I mean, a month ago I had problems running 1 minute without getting winded and tired. Well…

I ran.. and ran… and ran.

I didn’t get winded, I didn’t even start breathing heavy until the last 1/4 mile or so, and even then it wasn’t bad at all. I felt great the whole time and I felt even better when I was done and realized my accomplishment. I am pretty sure I could have even ran longer than I did… maybe another 1/2 mile or so.

To celebrate I stopped at a local smoothie stand and had some sliced strawberries, they were victory strawberries, and they tasted good.

So yes. I ran 2 miles today and I am proud.




3 responses

16 05 2010

Congrats on the big milestone! C25K is a great program. Great post and keep up the good work.
Happy running,

16 05 2010

Thanks for the props! I really appreciate you sending some cheers my way. C25K is fantastic and I am having so much fun being a runner!

17 05 2010

Congrats!! That is amazing. I’m right behind you, just starting Week 5.

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