Run Rundown: May 20, 2010

20 05 2010

Today I redid Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 2… and man was it a hard run. I don’t know if it was because it was windier today or if I was just off, but I had problems running 3/4 of a mile today… when less than a week ago I ran 2 miles no problem.

I compared stats to last week when I was doing the same intervals and this week’s times were much faster than last week’s.

Last week my pace for this day was: 14’29”

My pace for the same workout this week was: 13’57”

Thats a pretty good difference right there. So I guess its ok that I had a harder time today, I mean I shaved 30 secs off of my time.

I am also still a little sore in my arms and shoulders from the weight lifting I did on Tuesday so I felt a little tension in my upper body.

My running buddy took a stab at barefoot running today too… we won’t be doing that again. 🙂




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21 05 2010

I did Dy 2 Week 5 today myself. It was challenging! I’m not sure how I will manage with Day 3. Yikes! Although barefoot running sounds like a bigger yikes!

22 05 2010

The first time I did the 2 mile run it went really well. Its such a mental thing really, just take a pace thats slow enough that you won’t feel horrible halfway through.

And yeah barefoot running is a no go… but worth a try!

22 05 2010

Did you actually run barefoot or did you use one of those new sneakers that mimic actual barefoot running? They look like plastic.

22 05 2010

She actually ran barefoot. She has been having problems with her ankles and knees while running and the barefoot running helped, but you definitely have to work up the state of your feet to do it. I think she could benefit from the funky shoes though.

23 05 2010

That is serious! Wow.

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