Run Rundown: May 23, 2010

23 05 2010

Today was Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 3, 2 mile run with no walking. My buddy and I repeated week 5 so this is the second time we did the 2 mile run, though she did not finish the whole 2 miles on her first try.

Today we both successfully completed the 2 miles… but geez was it AWFUL. First it was a little over 90 degrees when we decided to do it (not smart) and we did it where a lot of the run was in full sun with no shade (double not smart). So it was awful and humid while running and this time the 2 mile run was much harder for me than a week ago.

We have agreed to always run either in the evening or in the early morning so we can avoid the blistering heat and humidity. So hopefully we won’t feel so awful again. Luckily there is this awesome smoothing place right on the trail. We stop there after nearly every run and we get some water and possible a smoothie. This time the owner took one look at our red faces and instead of pouring us cups of water he just gave us the whole dang bottle! He is one of the nicest people I know and here is a little shout out to his WONDERFUL smoothie place, Think Hawaii in the middle of the midwest.

Anyways, we are starting Week 6 on Tuesday and with that we are almost done with our days or intervals with walking and moving straight on to just running the whole time…. If I don’t blog for a while someone please come and find me passed out on the trail.


P.S.- Its Sunday so I need to update my stats on the stats page. I forgot to weigh myself this morning because I had to be at work at 7am so I will update the weight data tomorrow!




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