Support is Key

25 05 2010

I have tried to lose weight in the past, probably about….6 times, but each time I failed miserably. I would follow a diet for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then I would just give up.

This time I made sure to surround myself with people who support me in my healthy endeavors. Without the support I have been receiving I would never have come as far as I have. I would have quit by now. And I think it is GREAT that when I whined about my plateau in my lest post I had friends literally tell me not to give up, that I have been doing great, and give me tips to help bust (KAPOW!) my plateau. I even had a friend from the past pop up and give me support and whom I am now supporting in her weight loss journey.

For all of you that want to lose weight, any weight, I have found an online forum for people in their 20s that are all doing the same thing; losing weight, bitching about it, and cheering each other on. This forum is one of the key players that keeps me going. Sure I don’t know these people but I see their successes and I want to succeed too. I see their failures and I want them to keep on persevering. Its a wonderful little community of some of the best people. Here is the link: 3fatchicks forum

PS- If any of you need a cheerleader for your weight loss, healthy lifestyle, or just anything really leave me a comment and promise to talk you up!




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