Run Rundown: May 27, 2010

27 05 2010

I did Week 6 Day 2 of couch to 5k. It went pretty good, we ran a mile, walked a quarter mile, and then ran a second mile. We also decided to run inside one of the campus gyms on a track because it was sooo hot out. And it looked like it was going to rain on top of the heat.

So running inside was fabulous because it was AIR CONDITIONED. Fantastic! I feel much better after the hard run I had on Tuesday, hopefully the 2.25 mile run this weekend will be fine. Also, we are running in my hometown before my graduation party on some nature trails in a local park. I am looking towards a change of scenery and not running on pavement.

Completely unrelated (sort of), I went shopping to get “real” shorts. Shorts to wear in public to my graduation party and to the Indy 500 this Sunday. So I got some shorts and I also bought some new tops in a size MEDIUM… OOOOOOOO. Yeah. Its awesome.

Well anyways, I am not going to be blogging this weekend because I stupidly forgot my macbook charger at school. So my mac is not going to be alive after tonight.

Well have a good weekend and I will see you all on Monday!




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