1 06 2010

Sorry I have been away for the weekend! I went home and I brought my laptop yet neglected to bring my charger. I have a macbook and no one else in my family has one so I was stranded with no connection to my blog. I had a graduation party this Saturday and then I went to the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. So I really would not have had a lot of time to blog anyways.

I am confessing to you all that I was bad on my diet. I didn’t go out and eat everything deep fried or anything, but I didn’t count calories or measure my servings. I was bad and ate:

Pizza ( But it was MOTHER BEAR’S!!… thats my reasoning)


Ice Cream ( But it was light/low fat ice cream)

I weighed in this morning at 201… There is NO WAY I could have messed up THAT bad over the weekend when I was 197 last week. It better just be water weight or I am going to throw my scale out the window. I will update my stats page today. I might weigh myself again in a desperate attempt to lower the number on the scale.

Anyways, I hope all is well and that everyone had a fantastic weekend!




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