Running Problems

16 06 2010

Yesterday I went running. I was supposed to go 2.75 miles, but I only went 2. I can blame it on the weather, the fact that a big part of the trail was underwater, and that my running buddy wasn’t feeling well. But ultimately its just my pure wussiness that I didn’t finish the distance. I felt horrible about myself.

Then this morning I got up and went running again. I wanted to redo my run and hopefully go the full 2.75 miles. Well I have never ran 2 days in a row before and let me tell you, transitioning to running more days a week is gonna suck. My hands were tingly and numb and my calves hurt like a b*tch. I only did about 1.25 miles this morning. So more running problems.

My new plan is to rest tomorrow and then run at home (I am going home tomorrow) in the park on some wooded trails. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and then a wedding this weekend so I am going to be very busy and I will be unable to run this weekend. I need my run on Friday to go well or I am going to feel bad about it all weekend.

PS- I fit in to size 14 jeans now. And I was able to fit into a cute skirt at Charlotte Russe so I bought it. I want to wear it to the rehearsal activities for the wedding this weekend so I can look cute for my boyfriend I haven’t seen in 3 weeks.




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16 06 2010

Sounds amazing to me! YAY for the size 14!! I think I was in a 16 or 18 at 11 years old. I can’t imagine being smaller than that, but I’m sure going to try for it.

Be proud of what you have accomplished! I know that can be easier said than done. I want to make it a goal to run someday, so I love reading what your doing1

16 06 2010

Thanks for the encouragement! I need some positive thought right now. and your comment made me feel a lot better.

I am excited about the size 14 jeans too! It was surprise. And also the fact that I fit into something from Charlotte Russe made me feel good too. I don’t normally shop in stores like that because I never fit into the clothes… I guess I can shop there now!

17 06 2010
Weightloss Center

i suggest you run everyday so your stamina can build up. slowly add distance when you feel comfortable in your run.

17 06 2010

Thats exactly what I will be doing when I graduate from couch to 5k.

25 04 2012

Keep up the good work and strong spirits! It’s amazing to see the dedication that you have even when you don’t have the best conditions to run in! Good Luck and can’t wait to see how your running progresses!

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