Picking Back Up

24 06 2010

My running is picking back up and that makes me feel so much better about myself. I ran 2.76 miles today on the indoor track and it felt great. I started getting tired at a little over 2 miles but I pushed myself and finished 2.76. I am supposed to run 3 miles next week for 3 days and then that will be the graduation from Couch to 5k. Its crazy how 2 months ago I could barely run a minute and now I will be doing 3 miles. I am so proud of my accomplishment. I want to tell everyone I know, and if they get annoyed with me than they can go to hell. I am proud.

Now I just need to get comfortable enough with the distance where I can start working on my pace. I want to do GREAT on my run for the military. I don’t want to have to worry about my PT test while I am away. I also need to kick some more weight. I have been hovering in the 195s and its a little frustrating. But at least I am not gaining weight I guess.

On a completely unrelated note, my Mom and I went shopping and I got 2 t-shirts (SIZE MEDIUM!!!!) and a new pair of jeans (SIVE 14!!!!) from the GAP… all for $13!!!!! VICTORY!

I also sprayed some of Dolce and Gabbana’s La Lune 18 perfume on and I love it. When I have $65 to spare I am SO going to buy a bottle of this stuff.


Great Breakfast Ideas

11 06 2010

So I realized I haven’t posted anything about food on here for the health conscious dieter. Just because you are dieting does not mean you don’t get yummy food. Sure you have to cut out some food items (PUT DOWN THE CHEETOS!) but in the end you realize you never really liked them anyways.

For any diet its important to start the day with a good breakfast. I used to NEVER eat breakfast and sometimes I still have to force myself to eat it. But eating a good breakfast wakes up your metabolism after a night of sleep and therefore encourages more healthy weight loss.

Here are some of my favorite breakfasts:

1. Quaker Lower Sugar oatmeal, a banana, and a glass of skim milk. (Make the oatmeal with water, not milk)

2. Fiber One cereal with skim milk, 1 unit of Greek Yogurt, 8oz glass of orange juice. (Make sure you read the labels on juices and find one that is lower in sugar)

3. Whole Wheat English Muffin with Sugar Free jam and fresh pineapple on the side. Skim milk to drink. (READ THE LABEL. Companies cheat and use enriched wheat flour. This is just white flower colored to make it brown. Only buy bread items that have the first ingredient as WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR.)

As with everything make sure you watch serving size. Its easy to use too much of a food and not realize it. If you are counting calories make sure you log everything that you consume. I use a fast and easy online tool called the daily plate the tracks your calories and even breaks everything down so you know how much carbs, sugar, protein etc. that you consume and how much you SHOULD be consuming. You can keep calorie goals and track weight loss on a spiffy graph. Here is the link for the Daily Plate. Everyone should keep track of what they eat.




Ok. So. I hope you guys like these ideas for yummy healthy breakfasts. I think I will go on and post about snacks, lunches, and dinners. When I get some more time to sit down and blog.

Have a great day!!!

Run Rundown: June 9,2010

10 06 2010

Last day of 2.5 mile runs on the couch to 5k plan. We have been gradually speeding up the pace, whether we mean to or not, and I clocked an 11’32” mile last night. Pretty good. The run felt great. Not too winded, at least not until the last quarter mile or so.

On saturday I have made plans to start week 8, 2.75 mile runs. We are running at 6:30 am! I am crazy, I just know it.

We are just 2 weeks away from the end of the plan. I am very proud of my running buddy and myself. I just can’t believe I am able to go these distances and still feel great (and alive). I plan on registering for a 10k this September. An Air Force one in Ohio. I hope I will be able to do it. If I am away to basic training I won’t be upset about it though!

Run Rundown: June 7, 2010

8 06 2010

I ran 2.5 miles yesterday. Venue was the greenway along the white river. It was a nice day and we went out at about noon. It was pretty comfortable temperature wise and we had a nice breeze but man was it sunny. Like “sun beating down on us with no stop in sight” sunny. It was a good run. I took a faster pace than the last 2.5 mile run and I managed to get my fastest mile yet!

There were a number of joggers out when we went and they were a source of inspiration for me. They all had their marathon and triathlon t-shirts on and were jogging so fast! I hope that someday I can get some t-shirts like that for events that I do and run comfortably at a similar pace. I feel like I still have quite a ways to go in my weight loss endeavors, but everyday I am getting a little closer to what I want.

We have one more day of running 2.5 miles and then we go on to running 2.75 miles. We are so close to finishing this plan! 2 weeks!

Updates and Statistics and Rambling

6 06 2010

I went and updated my statistics since it is Sunday. I had a little bit of a loss from last week to today, though my weight jumps around a LOT. Yesterday I weighed in at 195.8 and then today I am in the 197s again. At least its all still below 200 pounds.

I think I need to eat more. I have a goal of 1500 calories a day and I rarely make my goal. I am almost always around 1200-1300 calories for the day. While that might seem good, its really not. I think I am not consuming enough to let my body let go of weight. I have trouble eating more though because I HATE feeling overly-full… if that makes any sense.

On a personal note:

My boyfriend is in Connecticut for the summer with a really nice internship with ESPN. I am happy that he is there and having fun and getting great experience, but I also miss him a lot. We talk daily though so that helps. And I will be flying up there to visit him in July. I am hoping I get my Coach 25% off coupon for the small window of time I will be there. I am visiting the Coach store on Madison Avenue no matter what and I want to do some shopping. I also want to get more toned and lose more weight so he can see a difference in my appearance, I want to give him a nice surprise!

My running has been in a lull because my running buddy is feeling a bit under the weather. We are waiting to run again because I don’t want her to get even sicker. Though I might go for a run tomorrow even is she is unable… I really want to get back out there after the great 2.5 mile run I had on Thursday!

I am going to post a challenge to you all (whoever reads this little blog) and I want you all to participate. Look for the super awesome challenge in the next few hours. Maybe I can come up with a prize for the winner if I get enough participants….

Support is Key

25 05 2010

I have tried to lose weight in the past, probably about….6 times, but each time I failed miserably. I would follow a diet for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then I would just give up.

This time I made sure to surround myself with people who support me in my healthy endeavors. Without the support I have been receiving I would never have come as far as I have. I would have quit by now. And I think it is GREAT that when I whined about my plateau in my lest post I had friends literally tell me not to give up, that I have been doing great, and give me tips to help bust (KAPOW!) my plateau. I even had a friend from the past pop up and give me support and whom I am now supporting in her weight loss journey.

For all of you that want to lose weight, any weight, I have found an online forum for people in their 20s that are all doing the same thing; losing weight, bitching about it, and cheering each other on. This forum is one of the key players that keeps me going. Sure I don’t know these people but I see their successes and I want to succeed too. I see their failures and I want them to keep on persevering. Its a wonderful little community of some of the best people. Here is the link: 3fatchicks forum

PS- If any of you need a cheerleader for your weight loss, healthy lifestyle, or just anything really leave me a comment and promise to talk you up!

Easy Alternatives!

22 05 2010

Because I worked all day I really have nothing relevant t talk about today soooo…. here is a video!