Picking Back Up

24 06 2010

My running is picking back up and that makes me feel so much better about myself. I ran 2.76 miles today on the indoor track and it felt great. I started getting tired at a little over 2 miles but I pushed myself and finished 2.76. I am supposed to run 3 miles next week for 3 days and then that will be the graduation from Couch to 5k. Its crazy how 2 months ago I could barely run a minute and now I will be doing 3 miles. I am so proud of my accomplishment. I want to tell everyone I know, and if they get annoyed with me than they can go to hell. I am proud.

Now I just need to get comfortable enough with the distance where I can start working on my pace. I want to do GREAT on my run for the military. I don’t want to have to worry about my PT test while I am away. I also need to kick some more weight. I have been hovering in the 195s and its a little frustrating. But at least I am not gaining weight I guess.

On a completely unrelated note, my Mom and I went shopping and I got 2 t-shirts (SIZE MEDIUM!!!!) and a new pair of jeans (SIVE 14!!!!) from the GAP… all for $13!!!!! VICTORY!

I also sprayed some of Dolce and Gabbana’s La Lune 18 perfume on and I love it. When I have $65 to spare I am SO going to buy a bottle of this stuff.


Run Rundown: June 9,2010

10 06 2010

Last day of 2.5 mile runs on the couch to 5k plan. We have been gradually speeding up the pace, whether we mean to or not, and I clocked an 11’32” mile last night. Pretty good. The run felt great. Not too winded, at least not until the last quarter mile or so.

On saturday I have made plans to start week 8, 2.75 mile runs. We are running at 6:30 am! I am crazy, I just know it.

We are just 2 weeks away from the end of the plan. I am very proud of my running buddy and myself. I just can’t believe I am able to go these distances and still feel great (and alive). I plan on registering for a 10k this September. An Air Force one in Ohio. I hope I will be able to do it. If I am away to basic training I won’t be upset about it though!

Run Rundown: June 7, 2010

8 06 2010

I ran 2.5 miles yesterday. Venue was the greenway along the white river. It was a nice day and we went out at about noon. It was pretty comfortable temperature wise and we had a nice breeze but man was it sunny. Like “sun beating down on us with no stop in sight” sunny. It was a good run. I took a faster pace than the last 2.5 mile run and I managed to get my fastest mile yet!

There were a number of joggers out when we went and they were a source of inspiration for me. They all had their marathon and triathlon t-shirts on and were jogging so fast! I hope that someday I can get some t-shirts like that for events that I do and run comfortably at a similar pace. I feel like I still have quite a ways to go in my weight loss endeavors, but everyday I am getting a little closer to what I want.

We have one more day of running 2.5 miles and then we go on to running 2.75 miles. We are so close to finishing this plan! 2 weeks!

Run Rundown: June 3, 2010

3 06 2010

Well today was Couch to 5k Week 7 Day 1. 2.5 mile run, no walking. We went to the greenway trailhead near downtown to get a change of pace (ha… running humor). It was great to see different things and its a nice stretch of trail.

The weather was over cast and the temp was still pretty comfortable since we ran at about 7:30 am. We had a nice breeze and no sun to make us sweat too bad. It also started to rain right during our warm down walk which cooled us nicely.

We took the pace pretty slow since we had some trouble with the 2.25 mile run on Tuesday, but we had NO problems with this one. I think this weekend we will pick up the pace a bit to improve our speed and give us a little bit more of a challenge.

I am starting to actually feel like a runner now… I AM a runner.

Run Rundown: June 1, 2010

1 06 2010

Today was couch to 5k week 6 day 3. 2.25 miles, no walking. It was a great run and overall I felt it was easier than the 2 mile run I did last week. I actually didn’t start feeling winded and tired until about the last 1/2 mile or so.

We decided to run at 8am this morning because we missed out run day over the weekend. I went home for my graduation party and for the Indy 500 on Sunday so running this weekend did NOT happen. We had 5 days of rest before the run this morning. I don’t know if the 5 days helped or harmed us… but I felt reseted for the run.

We ran on a different part of the greenway this morning and I think the change of scenery was helpful too. I was starting to associate land marks with distances on our other route and it was making me feel like the runs were dragging. I kept looking for the fence or the rock instead of concentrating on my running. So the change of location might have been a factor in this run feeling a little better.

I am still feeling really tight in my calf muscles and have been for the part few weeks. I need to find some good exercises to stretch them before and after running. Its starting to be a real pain.

Run Rundown: May 23, 2010

23 05 2010

Today was Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 3, 2 mile run with no walking. My buddy and I repeated week 5 so this is the second time we did the 2 mile run, though she did not finish the whole 2 miles on her first try.

Today we both successfully completed the 2 miles… but geez was it AWFUL. First it was a little over 90 degrees when we decided to do it (not smart) and we did it where a lot of the run was in full sun with no shade (double not smart). So it was awful and humid while running and this time the 2 mile run was much harder for me than a week ago.

We have agreed to always run either in the evening or in the early morning so we can avoid the blistering heat and humidity. So hopefully we won’t feel so awful again. Luckily there is this awesome smoothing place right on the trail. We stop there after nearly every run and we get some water and possible a smoothie. This time the owner took one look at our red faces and instead of pouring us cups of water he just gave us the whole dang bottle! He is one of the nicest people I know and here is a little shout out to his WONDERFUL smoothie place, theislandmuncie.com. Think Hawaii in the middle of the midwest.

Anyways, we are starting Week 6 on Tuesday and with that we are almost done with our days or intervals with walking and moving straight on to just running the whole time…. If I don’t blog for a while someone please come and find me passed out on the trail.


P.S.- Its Sunday so I need to update my stats on the stats page. I forgot to weigh myself this morning because I had to be at work at 7am so I will update the weight data tomorrow!

Run Rundown: May 20, 2010

20 05 2010

Today I redid Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 2… and man was it a hard run. I don’t know if it was because it was windier today or if I was just off, but I had problems running 3/4 of a mile today… when less than a week ago I ran 2 miles no problem.

I compared stats to last week when I was doing the same intervals and this week’s times were much faster than last week’s.

Last week my pace for this day was: 14’29”

My pace for the same workout this week was: 13’57”

Thats a pretty good difference right there. So I guess its ok that I had a harder time today, I mean I shaved 30 secs off of my time.

I am also still a little sore in my arms and shoulders from the weight lifting I did on Tuesday so I felt a little tension in my upper body.

My running buddy took a stab at barefoot running today too… we won’t be doing that again. 🙂