Home Again

29 06 2010

Sorry for being MIA. This Sunday I moved back in the the parents… yay… not really. I am home until I leave for basic training. I hope to be here for 6 months MAX. It all depends on my weight loss. And things are progressing with that too. I will update the stats page but this morning I weighed my least so far in this weight loss journey. Putting me at 42 pounds lost!!!!!

I went running yesterday and I had a big FAIL. I went to the nature trails and totally ate it while going down a hill. I fell and slid down part of it on my butt and I got all dirty. If you know me well you know that I DESPISE dirt and mud. I just HATE the feeling of it on me. So I ran probably a mile and then called it a day. Like I said, big fail.

I think there might be a public track at the park in town so I am going to run there tomorrow. I called the high school and apparently they don’t let the public run on the outdoor (there is a huge fence around it) or indoor tracks. Which is STUPID.

I plan on lifting weights tonight at the gym and getting nice and sore in the process. I need to pump some iron to work out my frustration with being home and having to deal with my younger sisters. One of them has been a huge biotch since I have been here. She can suck it.

And I miss my running buddy dearly. It makes me sad sometimes that we won’t get to run together until our 5k in August. Which reminds me again of how I need to get my butt in gear so I don’t embarrass myself in public.


Picking Back Up

24 06 2010

My running is picking back up and that makes me feel so much better about myself. I ran 2.76 miles today on the indoor track and it felt great. I started getting tired at a little over 2 miles but I pushed myself and finished 2.76. I am supposed to run 3 miles next week for 3 days and then that will be the graduation from Couch to 5k. Its crazy how 2 months ago I could barely run a minute and now I will be doing 3 miles. I am so proud of my accomplishment. I want to tell everyone I know, and if they get annoyed with me than they can go to hell. I am proud.

Now I just need to get comfortable enough with the distance where I can start working on my pace. I want to do GREAT on my run for the military. I don’t want to have to worry about my PT test while I am away. I also need to kick some more weight. I have been hovering in the 195s and its a little frustrating. But at least I am not gaining weight I guess.

On a completely unrelated note, my Mom and I went shopping and I got 2 t-shirts (SIZE MEDIUM!!!!) and a new pair of jeans (SIVE 14!!!!) from the GAP… all for $13!!!!! VICTORY!

I also sprayed some of Dolce and Gabbana’s La Lune 18 perfume on and I love it. When I have $65 to spare I am SO going to buy a bottle of this stuff.

New Stats and a New Page

23 06 2010

As promised I have my stats page updated. I have also made a new photo page where you can see my body change in a series of weekly photos that I will post there. I use my macbook for the photos so I apologize for the crap quality but meh, the thought is there. Maybe someday I will find the charger to my camera.


22 06 2010

So the wedding I had this weekend was fabulous. Congrats to my friends for tying the knot! The ceremony was beautiful and I had a ton of fun at the reception.

I also drank too much booze, did not adhere to my diet, and neglected to run while there. So I sucked at life. Buuuut…. I don’t get to see my circle of friends all the time so it was ok that I decided to cut loose a little and party with my friends.

I had a lot of fun at the reception and I did dance a lot so hopefully I burned some calories on the dance floor.

Sunday I did run a little over a mile while at home. I went on some trails in the nature park. I really enjoyed the scenery but MAN! those hills can be hard! I look forward to mastering the trails when I leave my college town on Sunday. 😦

So I jumped back on the band wagon today with running. I went to the indoor track on campus and enjoyed a track and AC for once. I managed to get a little over 2.5 miles in but then I had to leave because the track was closing at 7, lame. I still wanted to do another quarter mile but, meh. I got a great run in! I felt awesome the whole time which was nice after a week of shitty runs and feeling bad about myself.

I weighed in this morning a little lighter too, which was surprising since I did not follow my health plan over the weekend. I have been lax on updating my statistics page. I promise to update tomorrow morning after I weigh in! Don’t hate me!

Well, I hope everyone is well and that life is going great for all of you. Until next time!


17 06 2010

Yes. I have a love/hate relationship with my scale. I weigh myself everyday, every morning. Some people may say this is psychotic and harmful. I think its a grand ol’ time. I get up, do my business and then I strip to my skivvies (I don’t want the .3 pounds of my bra adding to my weight!) and I get on the scale. The same thoughts always go through my head as I weight for the scale to tell me how fat I am that day. Do I feel lighter? Do I feel heavier? and OMG I left a sock on the scale is going to count it!

Lately I have not been losing weight. I was all excited cause I was in the 195 range and now I am back to dancing in the 197s. I know there is NO WAY I could have actually gained 2 pounds. That would be 7000 extra calories not burned… yeah there is no way.

Someone tell that to my fucking scale! I am going to light it on fire before I am done. Or at least buy another scale instead of the $17 Wal Mart special I own then I can drag it behind the car and laugh maniacally while the cops pull me over and lock me up for littering.

So this is a rant. This is me expressing my frustration with my non-weight loss. At least I know my body is still changing. I am in another size smaller jeans. I also put on my favorite dress tonight and it sags in the back now, its a halter top. So thats bittersweet, I loved that dress.

Well good night I guess.

Running Problems

16 06 2010

Yesterday I went running. I was supposed to go 2.75 miles, but I only went 2. I can blame it on the weather, the fact that a big part of the trail was underwater, and that my running buddy wasn’t feeling well. But ultimately its just my pure wussiness that I didn’t finish the distance. I felt horrible about myself.

Then this morning I got up and went running again. I wanted to redo my run and hopefully go the full 2.75 miles. Well I have never ran 2 days in a row before and let me tell you, transitioning to running more days a week is gonna suck. My hands were tingly and numb and my calves hurt like a b*tch. I only did about 1.25 miles this morning. So more running problems.

My new plan is to rest tomorrow and then run at home (I am going home tomorrow) in the park on some wooded trails. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and then a wedding this weekend so I am going to be very busy and I will be unable to run this weekend. I need my run on Friday to go well or I am going to feel bad about it all weekend.

PS- I fit in to size 14 jeans now. And I was able to fit into a cute skirt at Charlotte Russe so I bought it. I want to wear it to the rehearsal activities for the wedding this weekend so I can look cute for my boyfriend I haven’t seen in 3 weeks.

Run Rundown: June 12, 2010

12 06 2010

Today was Couch to 5k week 8 day 1. We ran at 6:30 am since I had to work at 8:30 am this morning. We figured we would get a jump on the heat and try to avoid the worst of it… to our surprise the heat was the least of our worries. The humidity today was UNBEARABLE, even at 6:30 am. I felt like I was breathing in water it was so humid.

BUT, we managed to man up and get the run done. It wasn’t so bad, except for the humidity. We got a 2.75 mile run under our belts and we did pretty well. I am looking forward to graduating from Couch to 5k just so I can say I stuck through it and did it. Now I just need to start looking around for a stepping stone plan to keep running and up my distances and pace.